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Title: 18th International Conference on Aerospace Sciences & Aviation Technology, ASAT–18; (ASAT-1: 14-16 May, 1985)

  • Sponsor: Egyptian Ministry of Defense
  • Organizer: Military Technical College
  • Dates: (ASAT-18: 9-11 April, 2019)
  • Venue: Military Technical College, Kobry El Kobba, Cairo, Egypt.

Website: asat.conferences.ekb.eg, www.mtc.edu.eg

Current Issue: Volume 20, Issue 20, May 2023 (20th International Conference on Aerospace Sciences & Aviation Technology (ASAT-20). May 9 -11, 2023) 

Simulation of tilt-rotor UAV flight dynamics in horizontal flight

Pages 1-14

Noureldein A Ibrahim; Mohamed Y Zakaria; Ashraf M Kamal

Investigating and modelling of highly stressed firearms parts

Pages 1-16

M M Hmmad; Ossama R. Abdelsalam; A Elsabbagh; Mohamed A Taha

Effect of salinity on marine propeller performance

Pages 1-8

A M Ghoniem; A S Abo Elazm; M I Benaya; S A Mohamed

Enhanced range-doppler algorithm for SAR image formation

Pages 1-12

M Sakr; A S Amein; F M Ahmed; G M Amer; A Youssef

Railway track monitoring using drones

Pages 1-8

M. F. El-Sayed; H. S. Riad; H. N. Zohny; M. S. Zahran

A Comparative Azeotropic Research on Combustion of Common Ternary Systems

Pages 1-8

M Abdelhafiz; A K Hussein; I Naeim; A Shalaby; A Azazy; A Saleh; S Tolba; Ahmed Elbeih

Multivariate Image Analysis for Core Monitoring in PWRs

Pages 1-11

Mohamed Y.M. Mohsen; Tarek F. Nagla; Mohamed Elsamahy; Mohamed A.E. Abdel-Rahman