Structural health monitoring with UAV

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Department of Civil Engineering, Military Technical College, Cairo, Egypt.



In recent years, the use of drones to monitor various types of smart constructions has attracted more attention. Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) have a number of potential benefits over manual methods for Analyzing construction due to their permit scalable, quick, and affordable solutions to tasks that would otherwise be unsuitable for individuals who are subject to fatigue and measurement uncertainty. In order to better understand how drones can be used in dam monitoring and construction for situation assessment, early warning, and image processing, the current study is studying this topics. High resolution Ierial images that captured by UAV is used to detect the cracks in the dam body structure. Drone-shot images are analyzed by using MATLAB software in order to assess the crack in the dam body and make the correct maintenance.The finite element program Geostudio is undertaken to evaluate a complete numerical analysis of the dam to find out the cause of cracks in the dam body and give solutions to prevent these cracks from happening again depending on the outcome results. This study is applied under two cases seismic and static condition. The results of FEM model concluded that cracks starts to appear at slope change point at downstream and in upstream at dam heel during earthquake action. The current work shows that using drones in dam monitoring is a very effective and fast way to detect cracks in the dam body.


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