A new mathematical model to evaluate the effect of load inclination on aircraft shelter’s foundations

Document Type : Original Article


1 Mathematics Department, Military Technical College, Cairo, Egypt.

2 Civil engineering Department, Military Technical College, Cairo, Egypt.



Aircraft shelter is a structure or a reinforced hanger that has many uses in military aspects. It is used to protect military aircraft from different dangers such as enemy chemical attacks. Also, it provides housing, permitting aircraft maintenance and it can be storage for different weapons. therefore, optimum design of aircraft shelter is of a great importance. It may take several shapes to be suitable for its usage. It can be made from concrete, steel or composite materials. The foundations of an airplane shelter must be designed as best as possible. Design objectives are greatly impacted by the contact pressure between the earth and the foundation surface. Classical method in design assumes maximum uniform linear distribution of pressure under contact surface of footing. So, considering real contact pressure has a great interest for many authors. In this article, a new analytical method is proposed to study the effect of moments and load inclination on the design of rectangular isolated footing. The model proposed takes into consideration the real soil pressure. A parametric study was conducted and data obtained from classical model were larger than those from proposed model. Seven Rectangular isolated footings were designed using traditional method and proposed method. The proposed method is more economic since it provides less concrete dimensions. Results obtained from the new model were compared with FEM and achieved reasonable agreement.


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