A Review of More-Electric Aircraft

Document Type : Original Article


1 Lecturer, Dr., Electrical Engineerig, Faculty of Engineering, Assiut university, Assiut, Egypt.

2 Head of power conversion group, Professor, Power Conversion Group, Electrical and Electronic Engineering school, Faculty of Engineering and Physical sciences, University of Manchester, Sackville Street, P.O 88, M60 1DQ.


The More-Electric Aircraft (MEA) underlines the utilization of the electrical power to power the non-propulsive aircraft systems. Adopting the MEA achieves numerous advantages such as optimizing the aircraft performance and decreasing operating and maintenance costs. Moreover, the MEA reduces the emission of the air pollutant gases from the aircraft, which can contribute in solving the problem of climate change. However, the MEA put some challenge on the aircraft electrical system either in the amount of the required power or the processing and management of this power. This paper introduces a review for the MEA. The review includes the different options of generation and power system architectures.