Experimental investigation of a hybrid steel truss reinforced concrete beam for aerospace shelters

Document Type : Original Article


1 Department of Civil Engineering, Military Technical College, Cairo, Egypt.

2 Housing and Building National Research center, Cairo, Egypt.



This paper illustrates experimentally the significance of using hybrid steel truss reinforced concrete beam (HSTRCB) in the construction of aerospace shelters. A finite element analysis was carried out in a previous stage to compare the flexural behaviour of HSTRCB with steel truss beams (without concrete casting) and traditional reinforced concrete beams. The Finite element simulations showed a significant improvement in the flexural behaviour of the HSTRCB. In this paper two beams were tested by 4-point bending test. The first is standard reinforced concrete beam. The other is HSTRCB with steel angles as top and bottom reinforcement. Stirrups were replaced by vertical steel plates. Flexural behaviour was represented by the load-deflection curves. Results showed that the adhesion strength between steel truss members and concrete should be enhanced. Failure occurred due to slippage between steel truss elements and concrete. Moreover, HSTRCB showed a noticeable improvement in the ductile behaviour for the zone after the ultimate capacity.


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