Modelling of grid-following current-controlled VSC

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Electrical Power and Energy Department, Military Technical College, Cairo, Egypt.



The voltage sourced converter (VSC) is a basic element in the grid connected solar-PV system that used in converting the DC-generated power from the solar-PV to AC power compatible with the utility grid. In this paper, a grid connected, three phase, two level VSC model and its control technique are simulated. The switched model of a three phase, two level VSC with active and reactive power controller is employed. The VSC’s control is performed based on the grid following VSC methodology. In order to control the transferred active and reactive power between the VSC and the grid, a current control mode (CCM) in dq0 frame is used and discussed in the following sections. The mathematical models of all elements of control loops are developed. Furthermore, the design of these control components is presented with their performance curves using PSCAD /EMTDC software.

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