Volume & Issue: Volume 18, Issue 18, April 2019 (18th International Conference on Aerospace Sciences & Aviation Technology 9–11 April 2019) 
Performance of advanced composite solid rocket propellants based on novel oxidizers

Pages 1-7

Mohamed Abd-Elghany; Ahmed Elbeih; Thomas M. Klapötke; Mahmoud Abdelhafiz

Optimization of low signature base bleed propellant formulations

Pages 1-10

Ehab M Youssef; Tamer Elshenawy; Hosam E Mostafa; Mostafa Radwan; Ahmed Elbeih

Performance characteristics of modified HMX-gun propellants

Pages 1-6

Ahmed Elbeih; Tamer Z. Wafy; Tamer Elshenawy; Ahmed K. Hussein; Mohamed Abd-Elghany; Sara M. Hammad; Mohamed Yehia

Multi-sensory data fusion for high performance attitude estimation

Pages 1-11

Mohamed E Hanafi; Mohammed A H Abozied; Yehia Z Elhalwagy; Ahmed Omar Elfarouk

Ground target localization and recognition via descriptors fusion

Pages 1-11

Mohamed M Kamel; Hussein S Taha; Gouda I Salama; Yehia Z Elhalwagy

Factors affecting stress distribution in wind turbine blade

Pages 1-20

Diaaeldin M Elsherif; Ayman A Abd El-Wahab; Mohamed Hazem Abdellatif

Hyperspectral imaging and analysis of swirling flames issued from two and four slots circumferential burners

Pages 1-17

A. A. Saad; A. M. Abdulnaim; M. M. Ibrahim; A. A. Emara; H. A. Moneib; H. S. Ayoub; Ashraf F. El-Sherif

Ultra-wide band microstrip antenna for 4G applications

Pages 1-9

Mohamed Fathy Abo sree; Muhammad Aly Ibrahim; W. Swelam; Mohamed H. Abd El-Azeem; Hadia El Hennawy

Design and implementation patch antenna with different fractal shape

Pages 1-8

A. M. M. A. Allam; Mohamed Fathy Abo Sree; Muhammad Aly Ibrahim

Soft sectored fractional frequency reuse in LTE-advanced networks

Pages 1-10

π„π¦πšπ§ π€π›ππžπ₯ππšπ›π²; πˆπ‘πšπ› 𝐀. 𝐀π₯𝐒; π€π‘π¦πžπ 𝐌. 𝐀𝐛𝐝 𝐄π₯−π‡πšπ₯𝐞𝐞𝐦; π‡πžπ¬π‘πšπ¦ 𝐅.𝐀. π‡πšπ¦πžπ

Simulation and modelling of flight missile dynamics and autopilot analysis

Pages 1-11

Mohamed M Kamel; Karim M Ali; M A H Abozied; Yehia Z Elhalwagy

Involving PETN explosive into polyurethane polymer matrix for reactive armour applications

Pages 1-6

Mohamed Elnogomy; Tamer Elshenawy; Ahmed Elbeih; Mostafa Radwan; Mohamed Yehia; Ahmad Baraka; Mohamed A. Elsayed; Mohamed Gobara

Characteristics of a paste explosive (EPX-P20) used in explosive bolts for spacecraft’s applications

Pages 1-7

Ahmed Elbeih; Mahmoud Abdelhafiz; Ahmed K. Hussein; Tamer Z. Wafy; Tamer Elshenawy; Ahmad Baraka; Mohamed A. Elsayed; Mohamed Gobara

Detection improvement of off-pin targets in FMCW radars

Pages 1-10

Mohamed G Shehata; Fathy M Ahmed; Sameh ghanim; Hazem Zakaria

Vibration caused by swing check valve closure

Pages 1-17

Aly M El-Zahaby; Mohamed Y Zakaria; Yasser A F El-Samadony; Ibrahim Ali Ismail

Control of master slave robotics system using optimal control schemes

Pages 1-12

Sara A Rashad; Mohamed Sallam; A M Bassiuny; A M Abdel Ghany

Thermal behaviour of MWCNT/ammonium perchlorate particles

Pages 1-9

M Yehia; Hosam E Mostafa; Tamer Z Wafy; Mahmoud Abdelhafiz

Crystal structure and optical properties of 1D-bi based organic-inorganic hybrid perovskite

Pages 1-13

Mohamed fawzy kandeel; Seham Kamal Abdel-Aal; Ashraf fathy Al Sharif; Hany Sabry Ayoub; Ahmed Sabry

Mechanical behaviour of rubber hybrid composites

Pages 1-8

Bassant Hany Mousa; Ramadan El gamsy; Mohamed Hazem Abdel Latif

Design and implementation of new security architecture for wireless network

Pages 1-14

Mohammed M. Mahaba; Mohammed H. Megahed; Atef Ghalwash; Mohammed Abu Rezka

Design and implementation of LTE wide band coupler

Pages 1-6

AbdelMegid Allam; Mohamed Fathy Abo Sree; Muhammad Aly Ibrahim

Firing test and evaluation of coaxial pulsed plasma thruster

Pages 1-14

M A Othman; Aly M Elzahaby; Ah El-S Makled; M Khalil

LTE Wide Band Metamaterial Antenna

Pages 1-9

Mostafa Ahmed Ezzat; AbdelMegid Allam; Diaa Fawzy

Design of HHO cell as energy source for electric vehicles

Pages 1-8

Mahmoud M.A. Sayed; Marwa S. Shalaby; Wafa Rady; Wessam Hussien; Mohamed Magdy; K. El-Sabagh; A. Mohamed; A. Nour Eldin; F. Maher; M. Osama

Improved perturb and observe maximum peak power tracking for solar satellite systems

Pages 1-11

Kareem Adel Mohamed; Mohamed Zakareya; Karim Hassan Youssef; Hatem Awad Khater

Modeling and prediction of aerodynamic characteristics of free fall rotating wing based on experiments

Pages 1-15

Mohamed Y. Zakaria; Carlos R. dos Santos; Abdallah Dayhoum; Fl´avio D. Marques; Muhammad R. Hajj

Speculation of local aerodynamic loads on helicopter rotor blade in forward flight

Pages 1-9

Abdallah Dayhoum; Mohamed Y. Zakaria; A. M. Elshabka; O. E. Abdelhamid

Flight dynamic model for low earth orbit satellites

Pages 1-12

Hossam Mohamed Alshamy; Ah. El-S. Makled; Y Elhalwagy; Hossam Hendy