Multivariable flight controller design for ultrastick-25e UAV

Document Type : Original Article


Head of Optoelectronics and Control Dept., Military Technical College, Cairo, Egypt.



Ultrastick-25e is an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) invented by university of Minnesota. Its controller was designed with conventional PI controller in both longitudinal and lateral channels. Throughout this paper, four control techniques are purposed for controlling the unmanned fixed-wing plane (Ultrastick-25e). These controllers are genetically tuned PI and PID, fuzzy like PI, and fuzzy like PD controllers. These controllers are utilized to control both longitudinal and lateral channels for the linear and nonlinear model of the Ultrastick-25e. The four controllers improve the system response of the UAV. Every controller passes the system robustness evaluation including the disturbance rejection and the noise attenuation capabilities. Furthermore, robustness is evaluated for model uncertainties using the nonlinear model. The essential contribution in this paper is utilizing the fuzzy logic controller for the unmanned fixed-wing Ultrastick-25e. The simulation results analysis assure the superiority of the two fuzzy logic controllers compared with the genetically tuned PI and PID controllers.