Volume & Issue: Volume 14, AEROSPACE SCIENCES & AVIATION TECHNOLOGY, ASAT - 14 – May 24 - 26, 2011, May 2011 

Original Article

Optimum Nonlinear Response of Composite Panels Subjected to Aerodynamic and Thermal Loadings

Pages 1-13

S. Saleh; A-N. Zayed; H. H. Ibrahim; W. A. Wahba

Realization and Evaluation of IIR Seeker via Hardware-in-the-Loop Simulation

Pages 1-11

Ahmed Eyssa; G. A. El-Sheikh; Y. Z. El-Halwagy; I. A. Abd El-Dayem

Robust CLOS Guidance and Control: Part-2: Scalar H∞ Autopilot Synthesis

Pages 1-27

A. N. Oda; G. A. El-Sheikh; M. Al-Ashry; Y. Z. El-Halwagy

Robust CLOS Guidance and Control: Part-3: HIL Systems Simulation

Pages 1-22

A. N. Oda; G. A. El-Sheikh; Y. Z. El-Halwagy; M. Al-Ashry; M. A. Abd-Altief

Friction Induced Vibrations of Moving Bodies Part I (Mass on Horizontal Plane)

Pages 1-13

Rabab H. Mohamed; A. El-Butch; M. I. Ghobrial; E. Elhalawany

Hybrid Approach to Passive Ranging with Two Infrared Non-Imaging Sensors

Pages 1-12

Srdan T. Mitrovic; Goran D. Dikic; Zeljko M. Durovic

Object Based Change Detection for Remote Sensing Data

Pages 1-10

I. H. Khalifa; F. El Tohamy; I. H. Aqabat

Analysis of Radar Doppler Echoes from Various Ground Moving Targets

Pages 1-11

Milenko S. Andrić; Boban P. Bondžulić; Dimitrije М. Bujaković; Srđan T. Mitrović

Field Monitoring of Engine Oil

Pages 1-15

S. Peric; A. Grkic; M. Krsmanovic

On Solution of Nonlinear Cubic Non-Homogeneous Schrodinger Equation

Pages 1-16

Magdy A. El-Tawil; Sherif E. Nasr; H. El Zoheiry

Feature Extraction Algorithm for Real Time Object Tracking

Pages 1-14

A. M. Sallam; O. M. Elmowafy; R. A. Elbordany; A. M. Fahmy

Electro-Pneumatic System Monitoring Using Multivariate Latent Methods

Pages 1-12

M. Ola; W. M. Hussein; I. A. El-Sherif; I. Saleh

Discussion of Transformable Modules Spacecraft

Pages 1-7

Weihua Ma; Jianping Yuan; Jianjun Luo; Yanping Bai; Shuguang Li

Mathematical Modeling of Reactive Fluid Flow in Solid Rocket Motor Combustion Chamber with/without Nozzle

Pages 1-24

A. M. Hegab; S. A. Wilson; W. A. Elaskary; S. M. El-Behery; K. A. Yousif

Optimum System Geometry for S-band Multistatic Radar

Pages 1-7

A. Kh. Aboul-Seoud; H. Taha; A. E.S. Hafez

Dynamic Analysis of a Rotating Composite Shaft

Pages 1-16

S. M. Ghoneam; A. A. Hamada; M. I. EL-Elamy

Buried Object Detection Based on Multivariate Latent Methods

Pages 1-14

K. A. Ghamry; W. M. Hussein; M. Hegazy; H. M. Mahgoub

Enhancing the Step Response of Hybrid Stepper Motors

Pages 1-12

A. A. Sarhan; R. H. Hafez; A. El-Wakeel; U. AbouZayed

Real Time Tracking Using Adaptive Window Techniques

Pages 1-8

W. M. Yousf; O. M. Elmowafy; A. E.M. Fahmy; I. A. Abdl-Dayem

Database Performance Sensitivity for Malicious Transactions Detection Mechanisms

Pages 1-10

W. K. Shalish; A. Z. Ghalwash; H. M. El-Deeb; G. I. Salama; H. A. Mohamed; K. Badran

Error Models for MEMS Based IMU

Pages 1-10

M. K. El Bahnasawy; E. Abdelkawy; S. A. Shedied

Analysis of Ferrite Coplanar Waveguide Transmission Line

Pages 1-11

M. A. Abdalla; H. A. Elregaily; A. A. Mitkees

Using Ferrocement to Resist Penetration of Hyper-Velocity Objects

Pages 1-13

M. E. Mohamed; E. M. Eltehawy; I. M. Kamal; A. A. Aggour

Modeling and Performance Analysis of a Quad Detector

Pages 1-11

M. F. Heweage; A. M. Mokhtar; M. A. Soliman

Linear Motion Deblurring from Single Images Using Genetic Algorithms

Pages 1-11

S. El-Regaily; H. El-Messiry; M. Abd El-Aziz; M. Roushdy

Numerical Study of Film Cooling Over Flat Plate

Pages 1-16

A. S. Baher-Eneel; A. F. El-Sayed; M. H. Khobeiz

Optimization of PV-Hydrogen Electrolyzes System

Pages 1-10

A. R. Ahmed; E. S. Essam; A. D. Adel; T. M. Farid

Numerical Simulation of PV-Hydrogen Electrolyzes System

Pages 1-11

A. R. Ahmed; E. S. Essam; A. D. Adel; T. M. Farid

Thermo-Structural Analysis of Combined-Wall Nozzle

Pages 1-14

A. R. Gomaa; H. Kamal; M. A. Al-Sanabawy

Interference Cancellation with RZF Equalization for the Downlink MC-CDMA Systems

Pages 1-13

B. A. Al-fuhaidi; H. E.A. Hassan; S. S. Alagooz; M. M. Salah

Focused ISAR Imaging of Rotating Target in Far-Field Compact Range Anechoic Chamber

Pages 1-7

Shahida G. Qadir; Fan Yanyu; Ahmed S. Amein; Fathy M. Ahmed

Optimal Position Control of Permanent Magnet DC Motor (PMDC)

Pages 1-10

T. S. Abd El Ghaffar; A. S. El-Wakeel; A. Eliwa; R. M. Mostafa

A New CFAR Processor Based on Guard Cells Information

Pages 1-10

A. Mostafa; F. M. Ahmed; K. H. Moustafa; Y. Z. Elhalwagy

Quadrotor Autonomous Flight Control System Design

Pages 1-12

S. Robboz; Y. Elhalwagy; O. E. Abdelhamid