Analysis and Implementation of a Sound Tracking System to Intercept a Moving Object

Document Type : Original Article


1 Assistant lecturer, Aerospace Engineering Cairo University, Cairo, Egypt.

2 Associate Professor, Aerospace Engineering Cairo University. Cairo, Egypt.

3 Professor, Aerospace Engineering Cairo University, Cairo, Egypt.


The objective of this paper is to analyze and implement a sound tracking system. The system is implemented to track a moving target (a car) and guide an interceptor (another car). The sound tracking system is implemented using an acoustic sound array. To achieve this goal, numerical simulations were first considered. The simulations were performed to study the pure pursuit as a target intercept rule and examine the effect of the sound tracking on the interceptor trajectory. Successful simulations were performed to track and guide the interceptor for a dummy simulated target. The experimental portion of this paper was done to verify the concept. The acoustic array was used to guide the interceptor to track and intercept the moving source. Experimental results show that the system was successful in tracking and intercepting the moving target. The final system has the advantages of the homing guidance with the simplicity of the command guidance.