Volume & Issue: Volume 16, AEROSPACE SCIENCES & AVIATION TECHNOLOGY, ASAT - 16 – May 26 - 28, 2015, May 2015 
New Digital Testing of Analogue Circuits

Pages 1-24

M. H. El-Mahlawy; Sh. A. Mahmoud; E. A. Gadallah; E. A. El-Samahy

Modeling of Hydrogas Unit for Tracked Vehicle Suspension

Pages 1-12

H. A. Hammad; A. M. Salem; I. Saleh Mostafa; I. A. Elsherif

Investigation of the Effect of Grid Size on External Store Separation Trajectory using CFD

Pages 1-14

Alaa A. Osman; Amgad M. Bayoumy Aly; Ismail El baialy; Osama E. Abdellatif; Essam E. Khallil

Investigation of Dual-Thrust Rocket Motor with Sonic Flow through an Intermediate Nozzle

Pages 1-14

Amr M. El-Nady; Ahmed M. Sarhan; Mohamed A. Al-Sanabawy; Mahmoud Y. Mohamed

Vacuum Effect on Spacecraft Structure Materials

Pages 1-10

Ahmad Anwar; Marta Albano; Gamal Hassan; Andrea Delfini; Fabrizo Volpini; Mario Marchetti; Dalia Elfiky

Blade Optimization Approach for a Vertical Wind Turbine

Pages 1-13

Ahmed Ali Geneid; Ahmed Badawy; Mostafa R.A. Atia

Hybrid Fuel Cell – Battery Powered System for Long Duration Flight

Pages 1-10

Karim N. Mobariz; Ahmed M. Youssef; Mohamed A.L. Badr; Mohamed Abdel-Rahman

Simulation Study of Screw Micro Pumps Design and Performance

Pages 1-17

Alaa A. Ezat; Imam A. El-Sawaf; Ayman M.I. mohamed; Rashid H

ECG Noise Canceller: Studying and Performance Improvement under Different Algorithms

Pages 1-18

Ashraf A. M. Khalaf; M. M. Ibrahim; Hesham F. A. Hamed; M. A. Abdelghany

Surface Composite Preparation by Friction Stir Processing

Pages 1-12

Fahima Ragab; Abdelkarim Ahmed; Ramadan Seoudy; Ahmed El-Nikhaily

Novel Transformation to Design Dual-Band Filters

Pages 1-10

Heba Ahdy; Ayman M. El-Tager; Fawzy Ibrahim; Ismail Hafez

Object Tracking Using Vision on Raspberry Pi

Pages 1-9

W. Askar; O. Elmowafy; A. Youssif; G. Elnashar

The Corrosion of Copper Metal in HCl Solutions and the effect of Molybdate and Chromate

Pages 1-9

A. E.E. Foad El-Sherbini; B. Mostafa M. H. Khalil; C. Eman H. Ismail; D. Soha S. Tobar

Advanced Fast Disturbance Rejection PI Controller for DC Motor Position Control

Pages 1-12

Bahaa El-den Gamal; A. N. Ouda; Y. Z. El-Halwagy; G. A. El-Nashar

3D Range Sensors Capture, Transform and Modeling of Defects

Pages 1-25

M. Sedek; A. Hammad; Mahmoud El-Nokrashy; Ahmed Abdelhafiz; Farag Khodary

Developing Anti Spyware System using Design Patterns

Pages 1-10

Mohamed Adel Sheta; Mohamed Zaki; Kamel Abd El Salam El Hadad; H. Aboelseoud M.

Modeling and Simulation for Free Fall Bomb Dynamics in Windy Environment

Pages 1-12

Aly S. Atallah; Gamal A. El-Sheikh; Alaa El-Din S. Mohamedy; Ahmed T. Hafez

Analysis and Design of UWB Modified Two-Sections Wilkinson Power Splitter

Pages 1-14

Shaimaa A. Osman; Ayman M. El-Tager; Fawzy Ibrahim; I. M. Hafez

Security Enhancement for LTE Authentication Protocol (EPS-AKA)

Pages 1-10

Mohammed Aly Abdrabou; Dr. Essam Abd El-Wanis; Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ashraf Diaa Eldien Elbayoumy

Analytical Prediction of Dual-Thrust Rocket motors under Uncertainties

Pages 1-12

Alaa R. Abdel Gawad; Mahmoud Y. Mohamed; Hamid M. Abdalla; Mohamed A. Elsenbawi

Design and Analysis of Quadcopter Classical Controller

Pages 1-17

Ahmed H. Ahmed; Ahmed N. Ouda; Ahmed M. Kamel; Y. Z. Elhalwagy

The Optimization of Base Bleed Grain Parameters for Maximum Ballistic Performance

Pages 1-27

H. A. Abou-Elela; Ossama R; A. Z. Ibrahim; O. K. Mahmoud; O. E. Abdel-Hamid