Volume & Issue: Volume 17, AEROSPACE SCIENCES & AVIATION TECHNOLOGY, ASAT - 17 – April 11 - 13, 2017, April 2017 
Experimental and Numerical Study of Air Sweeping Over Bare Water Flat Area

Pages 1-11

A. A. Aboulkasem; S. El- Shamarka; M. S. Hassan; A. G. Ibrahim

Modeling, Trimming and Simulation of a Full Scale Helicopter

Pages 1-14

Hassan Shahat Hassan; Amgad M. Bayoumy; Gamal M. El-Bayoumi; Mohamed Madbouly Abdelrahman

Inverse Simulation of a Full-Scale Helicopter Using Finite Difference Technique

Pages 1-15

Hassan Shahat Hassan; Amgad M. Bayoumy; Gamal M. El-Bayoumi; Mohamed Madbouly Abdelrahman

Effect of Ethanol–Diesel Fuel Blends on Autoignition and Combustion Characteristics in HCCI Engines

Pages 1-15

Aly M. Elzahaby; Medhat Elkelawy; Hagar Alm-Eldin Bastawissi; Saad Mostafa El-Malla; Abdel Moneim M. Naceb

Study of Turbulent Models in Jet Impingement at Different Cross-Flow Conditions

Pages 1-21

Abd Elnaby Kabeel; Medhat Elkelawy; Hagar Alm-Eldin Bastawissi; Ahmed Mohammed El-Banna

Characterization of 3D Printed Stainless Steel SS316L Powders Joined by TIG-, Plasma- and Laser Welding

Pages 1-8

M. Harraz; N. El-Mahallawy; K. Abd Elghany; M. Schleser; H. Palkowski; A. Klingner

Modern Signal Processing Techniques for GPR Applications

Pages 1-9

M. A. Mostafa; Fathy M. Ahmed; Aly S. Attallah

Pressure Loss Reduction in U-Bend Using the Adjoint Method

Pages 1-15

Ahmed Osama; Khairy Elsayed; Mohamed M. El-Telbany

Numerical Investigation of Film Cooling over a Flat Plate with Varying Injection Angle

Pages 1-16

Abdelaziz Elareibi; Tarek Elnady; Ali Elmaihy; Salman Elshmarka

A New Operating Concept to Enhance Wells Turbine Performance

Pages 1-14

Hossam. S. Hamed; Mohamed. A. Nawar; Rafea Mohamed Abd El-Maksoud

Micro Air Vehicle Nonlinear Simulation

Pages 1-13

Ahmed AboElezz; Ahmed Desoki; Basman Elhadidi; Gamal El-Bayoumi

Performance Analysis of a Helical Savonius Wind Turbine with Modified Rotor

Pages 1-14

Ahmed S. Saad; Ali M. AbdelSalam; I. M. Sakr; W. A. El-Askary

Simulation and Characterization of Underwater Target Detection using LIDAR System

Pages 1-12

M. Darwiesh; Ashraf F. El-Sherif; Yasser H. El-Sharkawy; Mahmoud F. Hassan

Investigation of Optimum Spectral Bands for Urban Area Classification using Reflectance from World View3 (WV3) Satellite Image

Pages 1-9

Mahmoud A. Shawky; Essam H. Hamza; Ahmed S. Elsharkawy; Hassan E. Elhifnawy; Osama M. Mosa

The Impact of Different Inflow Conditions on the Wake of Horizontal Axis Wind Turbine

Pages 1-14

Ali M. AbdelSalam; M. R. Abuhegazy; W. A. El-Askary; I. M. Sakr

Performance of S-Shaped Diffusers: Experimental and Numerical Studies

Pages 1-20

I. M. Sakr; W. A. El-Askary; K. A. Ibrahim; Hamdy A. Omara

e-Loran Navigation System for Egyptian Coasts & Maritime

Pages 1-17

Farag M. Bahr; Ezz Eldin Abdelkawy; Samy A. Shedied

Advanced Radio Resource Scheduling Algorithm for Energy Efficient Cellular Base Station

Pages 1-12

Hany M. Abdel-Aziz; Fatma Newagy; Nelly M. Shafik; Ismail Hafez

Effect of Carbon Black on Characteristics of a Selected EPDM-Based Thermal Insulator Composite

Pages 1-11

Mahmood E. Mohamed; Sahar El-Marsafy; Saeed Hasanin; Tamer Z. Wafy

Mechanical and Dynamic Properties of Hybrid Composite Laminates

Pages 1-23

N. M. Mohamed; M. S. EL-Wazery; M. I. EL-Elamy; S. H. Zoalfakar

Towards Ontology-Based web text Document Classification

Pages 1-8

Mohamed K. Elhadad; Khaled M. Badran; Gouda I. Salama

A Novel Sidelobe Cancellation Method for Binary Barker Code Pulse Compression

Pages 1-10

Abd El-Rahman H. Elbardawiny; Ahmed Sobhy; Fathy M. Ahmed; Mamdouh Hassan

The Influence of Turbulence Modeling Technique on Centrifugal Pump Simulation

Pages 1-17

S. M. Selim; M. A. Hosien; S. M. El-Behery; M. Elsherbiny

Effect of Automatic Ball Balancer on Unbalanced Rotor Vibration

Pages 1-14

Michael Makram; Ahmed F. Nemnem; Mohamed K. Khalil

Improving Dental Caries Detection by Optimizing Source-Detector Localization Using Laser Diffuse Reflectance

Pages 1-7

Ahmed L. Abdel Gawad; Ashraf F. El-Sherif; Yasser El-Sharkawy; H. S. Ayoub; Mahmoud F. Hassan

Aerodynamic Design Optimization of Range Extension Kit of a Subsonic Flying Body

Pages 1-20

A. M. Elsherbiny; A. M. Bayoumy; A. M. Elshabka; M. M. Abdelrahman

Modeling and Simulation of Telescopic Rotary Crane

Pages 1-17

Ahmed Y. AbdelHamid; Mohamed H. Mabrouk; Hosam A. AbdelKader

Original Article

Transparent Microstrip GPS Antenna for Cubesat Applications

Pages 1-12

Mostafa Mahmoud Rabie; Hadia El-Henawy; Fatma El-Hefnawy; Fawzy Ibrahim

Autopilot Implementation Synthesis via Processor-in-Loop Test

Pages 1-11

Bahaaeldin Gamal Abdelaty; Ahmed Nasr Ouda; Yehia Zakaria Elhalwagy; Gamal Ahmed Elnashar

Embedded Tracking System for Ground Moving Vehicle

Pages 1-6

Bahaaeldin Gamal Abdelaty; Ahmed Nasr Ouda; Yehia Zakaria Elhalwagy; Gamal Ahmed Elnashar

Automation of Design Tool for an Axial Flow Gas Turbine Stage Used in Small Gas Turbine Engine

Pages 1-14

Nader Elqussas; Aly M. Elzahaby; Mohamed K. Khalil; A. M. Elshabka

Propulsion System Integration and Optimization at the Preliminary Design Phase

Pages 1-14

Moret Moret; A. Twahir; H. Moustapha; F. Garnier; S. Doré; B. Blondin

Heat Transfer Enhancement through Annular Flow using Rotating Finned Pipe

Pages 1-18

M. A. Yassin; H. M. Abd El-Hameed; M. H. Shedid; Abdel Hamid B. Helali

Investigation of Electrohydraulic Control of A Gas Turbine Engine’s Inlet Guide Vanes

Pages 1-10

Mostafa M. Samy; Mohamed A. Metwally; Wael M. Elmayyah; Ibrahem A. Elsherif

Transdisciplinary Quality System Development Lifecycle Model: Enhancement and Application

Pages 1-19

Mohamed Asaad Abdelrazek; Amir Taher El-Sheikh; M. Zayan; A. M. Elhady