Optimal Antenna Tracking for LEO-GEO Cross-Link

Document Type : Original Article


1 Prof., Military Technical college, Cairo, Egypt.

2 Ph.D., Zaqaziq University, Shargia, Egypt.

3 Eng., Air force R&D Department , EAF.


This paper presents a proposal for an attitude control system for Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellite antenna that keeps tracking of an existing geo-stationary (GEO) communication satellite as a data relay satellite. The proposed scheme can increase the communication availability with a remote sensing LEO satellite. Moreover, the proposed system improves both the communication coverage area of the LEO satellite and its scanning availability in the real time. This improvement is a real need in the remote sensing application. The use of cross-link in data relay systems requires accurate control system in order to enable tracking the data relay satellite (GEO satellite). The proposed system permits the data relay system to work properly and efficiently. The proposed data relay system provides the real time data accessing, data integrity, and wider coverage area than the obtained one from typical LEO-ground station scheme.