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Aeronautical Eng. Dept., King AbdulAziz Univ., P. 0. Box 9027, Jeddah 21413, Saudi Arabia.


The aerodynamic characteristics of a tailless Strake-Wing-Body configuration are studied experimentally in a low speed wind tunnel. The model is mounted on a six component sting wind tunnel balance system to measure longitudinal and
lateral forces and moments. Both sideslip and bank angles are varied independently for angles of attack up to 20 degrees. The effect of freestream Reynolds number is also considered. The study reveals that the strake vortex tends to delay wing vortex breakdown caused by small variations in sideslip and/or banking angles. Meanwhile, large lateral manoeuvres at low speeds must be executed at high angles of attack in order to compensate the loss in the lift coefficient. The study also demonstrates that the bank angle slightly degrades the stability margin and displaces the equilibrium point towards negative lift coefficients. The sideslip angle adds a constant negative side force, a positive yawing moment at low angles of attack and a negative yawing moment at high angles of attack. Also a negative stabilizing rolling moment is added by the bank and sideslip angles at moderate and high angles of attack.