A Spoken Language Interface For PC Control

Document Type : Original Article


1 Eng., Graduate Student; Computers Department.

2 Dr., Staff Members; Computers Department.

3 Prof. Dr., Department of Avionics, Military Technical College, Cairo, Egypt.


This paper presents a study and implementation of a spoken language PC interface as an interactive man-machine communication facility that allows the voice control of IBM compatible PCs. This incorporates an acquisition subsystem, preprocessing and LPC-based feature extraction subsystem as well as a DTW pattern-matching and classification subsystem. The System is implemented using personal computer PC/AT-486 with 50 MHz processor speed. This results in recognition rate for a such specified system amounting from 92% to 98% for single candidate and third candidate choices respectively. The system works in near real time operations as it takes about 25 seconds to recognize the uttered command. The integrated system compares well to the commercially available counterparts.