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Avionics Department, M.T.0 Cairo.


Military training systems are continuously evolving to replicate the real world conditions and to afford the advantage of real situation (live) training through sophisticated electronic equipment. Such aircrew training systems are introduced to improve the aircrew proficiency and to enable them to recognize weapon envelope boundaries and repeatedly observe the results of the simulated firing against manned high performance aircraft under certain controlled conditions. A training system that incorporates the real aircraft themselves should comprise a tightly linked borne segment and a ground segment. The borne segment records flight and weapon data and transmits them to the ground upon request. The ground segment comprises a tracking subsystem and a control-and-computation (CCS)subsystem leading to a display and debriefing (DDS)subsystem .The transmitted data by the borne segment is to be received by the tracking subsystem and relayed to the CCS. The CCS employs a master computer to compile, record ,process and display the data on the multi-color video displays of the DDS for monitoring the flight in progress and later replaying during debriefing . A complete real time simulation of aircrew training system is currently being conducted in the M.T.C. This work is developed using transputer-based processing elements where parallel data processing techniques are adopted in order to speed up the simulated system operation to be close to the real system. This paper presents a simulation of the computation and display functions (processes) as implemented in the actual training system, where multiple aircrafts are concurrently (simultaneously) tracked and their locations are recorded and displayed throughout the exercise. The simulation of such functions serves as preliminary exposure to the actual training systems for both the trainer and the trainee. Moreover, it would facilitate the system adaptation to various aircraft (F-16, Mirage ..etc.) in conjunction to various weapons (Bombing and missile missions, with accurate simulation without using live ammunition).