Experimental and Theoretical Study of the Static and Dynamic Behavior of a Variable-Displacement Pump with Power Control


1 Lecturer, Mechanical Engineering Dpt., College of Engineering & Petroleum, Kuwait Univ.

2 Professor, Military Technical College, Cairo, Egypt.

3 Professor, Faculty of Engineering, Zagazig Univ.


This paper deals with the static and dynamic behavior of a variable displacement bent axis axial piston pump with power controller. A mathematical model is deduced to predict the performance of the studied pump and its hydraulic servo controller. The developed model, which takes into consideration the basic pump and controller nonlinearities is used to develop a computer simulation program for the pump. The steady state flow-pressure characteristics and pump transient response are predicted by using the simulation program. The pump static and dynamic characteristics are also measured. The study showed good agreement between theoretical and experimental results. The study provides good foundation for the future work aiming at improving the pump performance by finding out optimum constructional parameters.