On-line Trajectory Control of Aircraft Using Neural Networks

Document Type : Original Article


1 Eng. Amgad M. Bayoumy, Military Technical College (MTC), Cairo, Egypt.

2 Assoc.Prof. FrAwzy Ibrahim AbdelGhany, Chairman of Radar and Guidance Department, MTC, Cairo, Egypt.

3 Prof. Ibrahim Mansour Ibrahim, Chairman of Design Center, Ministry of Military Production, Cairo, Egypt.


In this paper an artificial Neural Network (NN) is used to control an aircraft along a predetermined trajectory. The inverse dynamics concept is used. Two NN models are used: one for forward identification NNI) nd he ther ne or nverse odel identification and forward control (NNC). After training of both models the NNC is used as a forward controller to the aircraft model. The simulation results shows good agreement between required and achieved trajectory.