Structure and Mechanical Properties of Aluminum Metal Matrix Composite Produced by Hot Pressing Technique

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Egyptian Armed Forces.


The objective of this experimental investigation is to produce a metallic matrix hybrid composite using pure aluminum as a base material reinforced with stainless steel and copper wires with different volume fraction. Hot pressing technique of laminated layers of the different constituent was used under various conditions of applied pressure, temperature, and
holding time. These parameters deeply control the rate of solid state diffusion that governs the fiber / matrix interface and consequently the final mechanical properties of the obtained composites. Microstructure examination and microanalysis were carried out using scanning electron microscope equipped with energy dispersive x-ray analysis, moreover tensile
mechanical properties were determined in each case. Thin continuous and uniform inetrdiffusion zone with optimum mechanical properties under a compaction pressure of 210 MPa at 590 oC for 120 minutes. Moreover fracture micromechanics during incremental monotonic loading proved that the outer plies are subjected to failure at the beginning of damage and then propagation through the inner plies takes place till complete failure.