Numerical Simulation of Projectile Penetration in Reinforced Concrete Panels

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1 Egyptian armed forces, Egypt.

2 Egyptian armed forces.


Concrete panels are usually used to provide protection against incidental dynamic loadings such as the impact of a steel projectile. In this paper finite element technique is used to investigate the dynamic behavior and failure conditions of reinforced concrete panels subjected to the projectile impacts. Finite element model calibration was based on some experimental results conducted by M.E. Mohamed et al." Experimental Analysis of Reinforced Concrete Panels Penetration Resistance". Nonlinear three-dimensional numerical simulation of this experimental investigation was carried out using AUTODYNE, which is probably the most extensive code dealing with penetration problems. A comparison was conducted between the results calculated by the finite element method with field measurement and show relatively good agreement. The aim of this paper is to study numerically the penetration resistance of ferrocement panels reinforced with different number of layers and the main findings show an enhancement in the penetration resistance of about 30% with using ferrocement panels on other hand, the results showed that increasing number of layers of steel meshes have slight influence on the penetration resistance of these panels.