KS Inertial Range and Validity of Richardson Regime

Document Type : Original Article


1 Senior Lecturer, Department of Mechanical Engineering, The University of Sheffield, UK.

2 Egyptian Armed Forces.


It has been argued in [10] that due to the lack of sweeping of small scales by large
scales in kinematic simulation, the validity of the Richardson's power law might be affected.
Here, we argue that the discrepancies between the authors on the ability of kinematic
simulation, KS, to predict Richardson power law may be linked to the inertial subrange they
have used. For small inertial subrange, KS is efficient and the significance of the sweeping
can be ignored, as a result we limit the KS agreement with the Richardson scaling law t3 for
inertial subrange kN/k1 ≤ 10000. Above this value, the sweeping effect of the small scales by
the large scales must be taken in considerations where KS failed to reproduces this power law
in that range as obtained in [13].