Capacity Analysis of Roads Network at Sheraton Area, Cairo, Egypt

Document Type : Original Article


Egyptian Armed Forces, Egypt.


This paper aims to evaluate the current traffic volume and level of service (LOS) of roads network at Sheraton area, Cairo. Due to the annual increase in traffic volume on roads, it is very important to measure traffic volume and in turn estimate the level of service (LOS) of roads especially those leading to new developed areas in Cairo. This study concerns with studying traffic flow characteristics of newly developed area in Sheraton, Heliopolis, Cairo. The area is assigned for different human activities as tourism recreation centers, housing area, and malls. Approach roads leading to this area are; Autostrad Road, 6th of October Street and Abdel Hameed Badawy Street. The traffic count study was performed on a week day (Thrusday) by ten counting workers. Data collected from the field were used to calculate traffic flow characteristics and to determine level of service according to the Egyptian Code of Practice and the Highway Capacity Manual. The study provides important guidelines for traffic flow characteristics near Autostrad Road. In addition, it emphasizes the importance of conducting traffic studies before any new constructions especially for existed level of service D.