A Proposed Control System for an Autonomous Unmanned Ground Vehicle

Document Type : Original Article


1 Egyptian Armed Forces.

2 Higher Institute of Technology-10th of Ramadan.


This paper deals with a proposal of building up a control module to convert the APC M113 into a remotely controlled vehicle. The driving of the vehicle has been simplified and performed through a simple control lever similar to the computer joystick that is able to control the vehicle driving systems; steering and braking system, accelerator pedal, and gear shifting lever. The necessary sensors and actuators have been added to the conventional APC. These sensors and actuators nave been calculated and selected according the design diagram of the vehicle control system. A microcontroller is used as a control unit, the required interfacing circuits are designed and necessary sensors and actuators are selected. LABVIEW Software® was used as the interface between the microcontroller and the real world.