Dynamic Modeling of Robotics for Various Regions of Speed (DMRS)

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1 Syrian Armed Forces.

2 Egyptian Armed Forces.

3 Prof. Dr., Menoufia University.


The existing heavy rigid manipulators are shown to be inefficient in terms of power consumption or speed with respect to the operating payload. Also, the operation of high precision robots is severely limited by their dynamic deflection, which delays subsequent operations, thus conflicting with the demand of increased productivity. These conflicting requirements between high speed and high accuracy have rendered the robotic assembly task a challenging research problem. The choice of modeling techniques and dynamic analysis based on the operating regions of robotic speed plays effective factor for economical computation and efficient performance for the robotic job in question. Consequently, the modeling of robots can be classified into three main domains, which are rigid linkage domain, Semi-elastic linkage domain and Flexible linkage robotics domain. A numerical case study is presented to investigate that concept.