Effects of Carbon Black Content on Cure Characteristics, Mechanical Properties and Swelling Behaviour of 80/20 NBR/CIIR Blend

Document Type : Original Article


1 Egyptian Armed Forces.

2 Mansoura University, Mansoura.


The influences of carbon black loading on rheological and mechanical properties were investigated for 80/20 NBR/CIIR blend vulcanized with a semi-efficient system. The swelling behaviour of the vulcanizates in six different solvents was studied as well. Carbon black (type N347) was used as filler and the loading range was from 40 to 100 phr. Results showed that cure rate index, hardness, tensile strength and stress at 100% elongation increase with increasing carbon black loading while scorch time, cure time, elongation at break and resilience decrease. It was also found that the solvent uptake decrease linearly with increasing carbon black loading.