Preparation and performance Evaluation of a Hexachloroethane- Based IR Chemical Smoke Mixture

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1 Syrian Armed Forces, Syria.

2 Egyptian Armed Forces.


Chemical smoke systems are based on the production of obscuring cloud due to burning of certain pyrotechnic mixtures, named chemical smoke mixtures (CSM). The smoke-producing pyrotechnic compositions used in producing a smoke screen against infrared radiation transmission may include the following components: a fuel (most often magnesium powder), an oxidizer (such as hexachloroethane), a carbon generator such as (naphthalene) and a chlorinated binder such as (poly vinyl chloride PVC). In view of performance, thermal attenuation, availability, cost and stability as well as processing, the obtained results reveal that: chemical smoke mixture based on hexachloroethane approximately consisting of: [(20% magnesium powder (Mg), 60% hexachloroethane (C2Cl6), 15% naphthalene (C10H8), and 5% poly vinyl chloride (PVC)] could provide relatively high level of thermal attenuation. Consequently, acceptable maximum camouflage in visual and IR (8-12μm) range is obtained.