A Complete Control System Design for a Tactical Missile Using Model Predictive Control

Document Type : Original Article


1 Egyptian Armed Forces, Egypt.

2 Prof. Pyramids Higher Institute for Engineering and Technology.


During the last decade, a significant research effort has been contributed in the area of non-linear missile autopilot design. But in some kinds of missiles, the classical controllers are still effective and very robust provided that the controller can adapt itself with missile varying parameters and this makes the control implementation and algorithm complicated as it changes with flight conditions. In this paper roll and lateral autopilots are designed for short range surface-to-surface aerodynamically controlled missile using model predictive control with fixed algorithm along the whole flight time. From linearization of missile non-linear model, transfer functions are determined and then discretized. The controllers are designed using Model-based predictive control techniques with fixed algorithm and insure that they can
achieve full flight envelope control capability. Finally, the designed controllers are conducted into 6DOF simulation (individually and all-together) which is carried out using the Matlab-Simulink software.