Enhancing the propulsion characteristics of rockets by adding the energetic Nitro-hydroxyl-terminated polybutadiene (NHTPB) in the propellant compositions

Document Type : Original Article


1 Science and Technology Center of Excellence, Military Production, Cairo, Egypt.

2 Military Technical College, Kobry Elkobbah, Cairo, Egypt.

3 Technical Research Center, Cairo, Egypt.



Replacing the inert binder by an energetic one could increase the specific impulse of the propellants and enhance the propulsion characteristics of rockets. In this study, Nitro-hydroxyl-terminated polybutadiene (NHTPB) was prepared by a simple method. The prepared NHTPB in addition to HTPB binder were characterized. FTIR spectra of both HTBP and NHTPB was determined and compared. The thermal behavior of the prepared NHTPB was studied using DSC technique at heating rate 5 degree/min. A composite propellant based on AP/NHTPB was prepared and the specific impulse was measured for AP/NHTPB using two inch motor. It was concluded that the energetic nitro-hydroxyl-terminated polybutadiene has a clear max. exothermic peak at 203 0C with heat release of 323 J/g. By comparing the results, the prepared propellant AP/NHTPB has specific impulse higher than the traditional AP/HTPB propellant. NHTPB is a promising binder for the application of rocket propellants and needs more tests for its approval.